Through this program, we seek to develop the competencies required for people interested in becoming facilitators or instructor, so that they are able to conduct workshops and perform the corresponding activities according to the standards of quality and philosophy of the Early Education Program.

We want Facilitators / Instructors to:

  • Develop didactic skills that will enable them to create dynamic workshops.
  • Guide the group participants in the construction of meaningful learning.
  • Promote a participatory and respectful atmosphere within the group.
  • Remain informed and current on issues related to child development and early childhood education.
  • Participate in activities that allow them to improve their performance in conducting workshops.

To achieve this we have developed face-to-face workshops, learning materials, institutional conferences and online forums.


Taller Formación de Facilitadores

1FThe goals of this workshop are to introduce participants to the roles, skills and attitudes of a facilitator, to the situations they may encounter during the workshop and to some solutions to them, as well as to educate them regarding the procedures and formats to be followed during the workshop through in-class practice

Duration: 12 hrs.

Topics: Programs of the Foundation; Functions, Skills and Attitudes of a Facilitator; Emotional Support; Procedures and Steps to Follow in Conducting Workshops; Microteaching.


Taller Formación de Instructores


The goal of this workshop is to provide the tools and information necessary to train instructors nationwide to conduct the workshops “Growing Together”, “Growing by Playing” and “Training Facilitators” through training, monitoring and guidance, according to the rules and procedures of the program.

Duration: 12 hrs.


Topics: Different Ways of Thinking, Assertiveness, Accompanying Processes (procedure and formats), Assertive Feedback, Microteaching and Accompanying.