2The goal of this program is to support and strengthen childcare and education programs to promote a comprehensive development in early childhood, expanding opportunities and addressing the challenges that children face today.

Specifically, we seek to:

  • Develop and promote supplementary educational proposals to stimulate and comprehensively strengthen the capacities of children in their early childhood within motor, social, emotional, cognitive and language areas through playful activities.
  • Foster and strengthen the construction of social networks, promoting an active participation of community members in the decision-making process regarding children, where the best interest of the child is the foremost consideration*.
  • Raise awareness of environmental factors that can affect the development of children, with a view to promoting suitable spaces for developing good relationships, culture and recreation for them.

*UNICEF, 2012


Taller Crecer con Ellos

©UNICEFMéxicoFinielli2009The goal of this workshop is for participants to value the importance of sharing time with children in a play environment where creativity, exploration and the discovery of their surroundings are encouraged, from learning experiences in which children observe, appreciate and express themselves, strengthening adult-child affective bonding, respecting their rights and fostering their development.

Duration: 22 hrs.


Topics: Workshop Presentation and Agreements, Rights of the Child, Neuroscience, Early Childhood Development, Different Ways of Learning, Play, Explorers of Science, Art, Music and Movement, Unforgettable Stories, Integrating a World of Experiences.