0This program seeks to contribute to transforming the understanding that adults have about early childhood and early childhood education, raising awareness of the responsibility and impact of parenting and educational practices on the integrated development of children, from a rights-based approach.
Specifically, we seek to:

  • Promote the creation of affective bonding and healthy emotional relationships between adults and children, which in turn help to reduce the levels of violence and child abuse.
  • Share and promote guidelines regarding childcare, nutrition, healthy habits and actions to prevent developmental difficulties.
  • Strengthen and promote the skills of adults who are responsible for the care and education of children that favor child rearing models based on good treatment and affection.
  • Foster and strengthen the construction of social networks, bolstering an active participation of community members in the decision-making regarding children, where the best interest of the child is the foremost consideration.*

*UNICEF, 2012


Taller Crecer Juntos

©UNICEFMéxicoMauricioRamos2011The aim of this workshop is that parents, educators and all caregivers value the importance of emotional relationships and healthy affective bonds with children, in order to build the foundations that allow for a harmonious and comprehensive development of physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills for children, through a rights-based approach.

Duration: 20 hrs.

Topics: Workshop presentation; Factors that Influence the Person; Bond-building; Transcendence and Adult Responsibility in Child Development; The Child’s Behavior; Encouragement as a Resource for Motivation; Affective and Effective Communication; Educating and Generating Limits with Love; Values: Towards a Personal Integrity; Listening to Different Voices.


Taller Emociones: expresión de vida y crecimiento


The goal of this workshop is for participants to value the importance of a healthy affective development in children and adults, by recognizing, feeling, expressing and experiencing emotions, while providing suggestions that enhance their expression.

Duration: 10 hrs.

Topics: What are Emotions; The Emotions Cycle; How We Express and Validate our Emotions; Emotional Awareness and Self-Regulation.