When teaching is an art, learning is a pleasure.

We design, develop, implement and monitor educational programs aimed at educators through partnerships with public and private institutions.

These programs contribute to the comprehensive development of children from birth to four years of age in communication and language, social-affective, motor and cognitive areas, to lay the foundation for a generation of emotionally healthy and competent children, so that they can function confidently in today’s world.

The Early Childhood Education Program has the commitment of sharing and providing follow-up with actions that provide permanent support to families, educational and health organizations, communities and society in general that are involved in the up-bringing and education of children, in order to promote their comprehensive, overall healthy development.

Our work takes place under two main strategies Training and Communication.

We have two main training areas: Crecer Juntos and Crecer Jugando.

Crecer Juntos. The aims of this program are to contribute to the transformation of the understanding that adults have about early childhood and early childhood education, to raise awareness about the responsibility and impact of parenting and educational practices, and to train adults in regards to the affective development of children, from a rights-based approach.

 This is accomplished through two workshops:

  1. Crecer Juntos. To value the importance of emotional relationships and healthy affective bonds between children and adults.
  2. Emociones: expresión de vida y crecimiento. To value the importance of a healthy affective development in children and adults, by recognizing, feeling, expressing and experiencing emotions.

Crecer Jugando. To promote and strengthen assistance, education and childcare programs that foster an integrated comprehensive development in early childhood, expanding opportunities and addressing the challenges that children face today.

This is implemented through the workshop:

  1. Crecer con Ellos. To value the importance of sharing time with children in a play environment where creativity, exploration and discovery of their surroundings are encouraged, strengthening the adult-child affective bond, respecting their rights and fostering their development.

Communication In the area of educating the general public, we have materials for all care-takers of children at an early age. They are available in print and electronic formats.

 Those materials are:

The current available figures are:

Benefited children and adults: 979,745

Distributed guides: 1’313,837 benefiting a total of 3’941,511 individuals


Note: Updated to june of 2017