We aim to strengthen, through a human rights-based approach, the skills of adults responsible for the upbringing and education of children. Through orientation, training and support we hope to significantly transform their relationships, understanding of, and approaches toward them, and thereby improve the affective, physical, cognitive and social skills of children.


We seek to strengthen comprehensive early childhood development, to significantly improve children’s-quality of life and opportunities, through adult training for those responsible for the affective domain of children’s upbringing.


Our vision is to ensure that, regardless of where in our country they live,
there are responsible adults able to meet the affective needs of children in their early childhood.


The underlying and guiding values that govern our efforts to achieve the projected changes on behalf of children are:

  • Honesty. Our actions are consistent with our philosophy and aimed at promoting the well-being and development of children in their early childhood.
  • Respect. We recognize and respect the value of children, adults and their communities, as well as their capacity for self-determination.
  • Commitment and Social Responsibility. Our commitment is to train adults with child-rearing responsibilities, since we consider them active agents of change, so that their own transformation, in the realm of improved child-rearing practices, may have an impact on the development of children and the welfare of society.
  • Equality and Equal Opportunities. We work to ensure that all children are given opportunities to develop in an integrated manner, based on the framework of the Rights of the Child.


  • Service: In order to define the objectives and strategies of implementation, we take as a starting point the needs and interests expressed by families, institutions and communities in relation to children.
  • Integrated Approach: We implement action strategies that consider the main bio-psycho-social factors experienced during childhood.
  • Child Participation: We recognize children as whole human beings with full rights that permit them to actively participate in decision-making.
  • Intercultural Approach: We respect the ethnic groups, cultures, and varying socioeconomic conditions of different communities, taking into account their values, customs and traditions when defining our proposed action plans.
  • Collaboration and Co-responsibility: We partner with organizations specializing in each of the fields of intervention, with the objective of creating a common plan of action around early childhood. With them we exchange knowledge and experiences, and also share resources, thus creating synergies and collaborative work, to achieve a greater impact on the initiatives and implemented projects.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency: We promote actions that impact the children’s quality of life, based on current research and studies, making optimal use of available resources and assessing the results on a regular basis, so that the attained achievements may benefit a large number of children, in the short, medium, and long term.

General Officer

Gabriela Varela Guerrero
e-mail: gvarela@telmex.com